Personal Information Processing Policy
Hound 13 Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company”) places importance in the personal information of the users and duly complies with the pertinent laws and regulations, such as, the “Personal Information Protection Act”, the “Protection of Communications Secrets Act”, the “Telecommunications Business Act”, the “Law on the Protection and Use of Location Information" and the "promotion of information communications network use and information protection". The Company hereby informs the users how the personal information is used regarding its usage and method and what measure has been undertaken for the personal information protection through this policy for personal information handling.

This policy for personal information handling contains the following contents.
※ Article 1 (Category of Collecting Personal Information and Method of Collection)
1) For the flawless game service use, customer counseling and event information guidance and others, the Company collects the following personal information of our members.
① Nick name, terminal information (model name, OS version, unique identification number and others), communications company information, store information, game version, e-mail, game and service use record, link record, cookie, payment record, information on dues paid, promotion/event participating record and product forwarding related information, IP address
2) When using the external platform-base service use, following information may be collected.
① Facebook: Information on member identifier, e-mail (ID), profile photo, profile name
② Google Plus: Information on member identifier, e-mail (ID), profile photo, profile name
③ Apple Game Center: Information on member identifier, profile, nick name
* ※ When using the external platform-based service, the personal information category collected in accordance with the information disclosure standard set in the applicable account is subject to differ.
3) In the service use process or business processing course, following information may be collected automatically.
① Record of game service use, linkage record and linkage date, download record, payment record, illegal use record, use suspension record, IP address, Cookie
② Information on mobile phone terminal of user (model name, OS version, device unique number and others), information on mobile communications companies, UUID, IMEI, Google advertisement ID (applicable only for Android OS), terminal language and national information and mobile phone number
4) For the paid purchases, following purchase information may be collected.
① When making the mobile phone p: Mobile phone number, mobile communications companies, payment certification number etc
② When making bank deposit and internet banking payment: Bank name and name of depositor
③ When refunding: Bank name, name of depositor, account number
④ When registering coupon: Contact, coupon information
⑤ When making payment with credit card: Name of card company, installment period, card number, effective period etc
5) In order to resolve the event delivery related civil service of the user, following information may be collected depending on cases.
① Event, forwarding: address, contact
6) Method of personal information collection
① Collect through providing consent procedure when subscribing for the Company service
② Collect through the separate consent procedure for promotion and event processing
③ Collect automatically through the platform related to the Company and service provision
④ Collect after requesting by voluntary provision or need of the users when responding to a user during the payment and use
※ Article 2 (Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information)
The Company shall not disclose any personal information collected without the consent of the user in advance and the collected information shall not be used for any purpose other than the following purpose.
1) Settlement of charges following the contract performance on service provision and provision of service
Provision of contents, purchase and payment of charges, refund, information on event winning, product delivery and following of claim statement and others, individual certification and collection of charges
2) Membership management
Personal confirmation following in service use, personal identification, prevention of illegal use by delinquent member and prevention of unauthorized use, confirmation of intent to subscribe, confirmation of age, subscription and restriction of frequency to subscribe, record conservation for dispute resolution, processng of complaints, delivery of notices
3) Facilitating in new service development, marketing and statistical analysis
Service provision and posting of advertisement following the new service development and provision of tailored service, statistical characteristics, confirmation of service effectiveness, event and advertisement information provision and provision of opportunity to participate, finding out of linkage frequency, and statistical purpose on the service use of user
※ Article 3 (Sharing and Provision of Collected Personal Information)
The Company shall use the personal information of members within the scope notified under this policy and not provide to outside. However, the following cases shall be considered as excluded.
1) In the event that there is a request of investigative agency in accordance with the procedure and method set forth under laws and regulations for the investigative purpose of pursuant to the pertinent laws and regulations, such as, the Framework Act of Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act etc
2) In the event that it is required for preparation of statistics, academic research, affiliated marketing, advertisement or market survey, obligation to provide to any third party by un-identification not to be identified with any specific individual
※Article 4 (Consignment to Handle Personal Information and Overseas Transfer)
1) The Company shall not consign handling work of the user's personal information to otuside in principle.
2) Notwithstanding Paragraph 1, the Company may consign part of the personal information processing work of users to otuside for flawless work processing of personal information as follows, and when consigning, the personal information shall be safely managed in accordance with the pertinent laws and regulations.
3) The Company shall not transfer the personal information of users to abroad without the consent of users.
※ Article 5 (Period of Possession and Use of Personal Information)
The Company shall dispose the applicable information after accomplishing the purpose of personal information collection and use. However, in the event that there is a need to conserve even after accomplishing the purpose of collection and use in accordance with the provision of pertinent laws and regulations, the Company shall keep the membership information during certain period set forth under the pertinent laws and regulations as shown hereunder.
1) For the prevention of illegal use in accordance with the internal policy of the Company, the personal information shall be kept for one year after expiration of the Use Agreement, and the personal information of the users shall be completely deleted after lapsing of this period.
2) In the event that there is a need to conserve under the provision of the pertinent laws and regulations, the Company may keep the personal information of users during certain period as set forth under the following pertinent laws and regulations. In this case, the Company shall use the same only for the purpose of safekeeping.
① Protection of Communications Secret Act
- Log-in related record: 3 months
② Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Etc
- Record on indication/advertisement: 6 months
- Record on withdrawal of contract or subscription: 5 years
- Record on supply of proceeds payment, monetary terms and others: 5 years
- Record on disposition of consumer complaint or dispute: 3 years
③ Framework Act on National Taxes
- Ledger and verifying document on all transactions defined under the Tax Act: 5 years
※ Article 6 (Procedure of Disposition and Method of Personal Information)
The Company shall destroy the applicable information immediately after accomplishing the purpose of collection and purpose of use of personal information in principle. The destruction procedure and method are shown as follows.
1) Procedure of disposition
The information inputted by the user for membership subscription shall be disposed after keeping for certain period in accordance with the cause (refer to the period of possession and use) of information protection by internal policy and other pertinent laws and regulations after accomplishing the purpose.
2) Method of disposition
① The personal information printed out on papers shall be destroyed by shredding in the shredder or burn it off.
② Any personal information kept in electronic file shape shall be deleted by using the technical method not reproduce the record.
※ Article 7 (Management of User and Legal Representative and Method of Exercise)
1) The user and legal representative may inquire or revise the personal information of the users of less than 14 years old or the applicable registered person at any time through the platform provider or open market provider, and it may also request to terminate the service through log out and deletion of the application.
2) In order to confirm the personal information yet to be held by the Company, the user shall check the subscription contents from the platform provider or open market provider that is provideed with the service by the Company or provided with the personal information to contrast with the information recorded in the Company to check if the applicable user is the appropriate person.
3) In the event that the user requests the correction on the error in the personal information, the Company shall not use or provide the applicable personal information until the correction is completed. In addition, in the event that the wrong personal information is provided to a third party already, the Company shall immediately ntoify the result of corrective measure to the third party to rectify the situation.
4) The Company shall process the terminated or deleted personal information in accordance with the matters specified under 'Article 5 (Possession and Use Period of the Personal Information)’ under the request of the user or legal representative, and process the same not to be accessed or used for any other uses.
※ Article 8 (Technical and Managerial Protection Measure of Personal Information)
The Company seeks the following technical/managerial measures for securing safety not to lose, stolen, disclose, alter, or damage the personal information in handling the user's personal information. However, the Company shall not be held liable for any issue arising from the disclosuer of the important personal information due to the negligence of the user, such as, losing the device or so forth, or accident in territory not managed by the Company or the like notwithstanding the fact that the Company has undertaken its obligation of personal informationprotection.
1) Technical measure
① The Company encrypts and keeps the categories designated from the pertinent laws and regulations of personal information of the users, and the confirmation and modification of the personal information are available only after the personal certification through the request of the person.
② Important data including the personal information is encrypted for the file and transmittal data or protected by using the security function of using the file locking function or others.
③ The Company is monitored at all times to prevent any disclosure or damage of personal information by hacking or computer virus. In addition,the personal information has been backed up periodically in preparation of situations, and the vaccine program is managed regularly to prevent the personal information interfered with.
④ The Company undertakes all required measures for the database system systematically structured in order to process the personal information.
2) Managerial measure
① The Company restricts the access right on the personal information of the user to a minimal number of personnel and the person applicable to the minimal personnel is shown as follows.
② The Company implements the regular education for obligation of the personal information protection with the person handling the personal information.
③ The Company establishes and manages the instruction of personal information processing at the department exclusively working on the personal information protection works. In addition, in the event that there is any problem detected by regularly confirmed for the compliance with the internal regulation, the effort is made to correct the situation immediately.
※ Article 9 (Responsible person of Personal Information protection and Department in Charge of Personal Information)
The Company designates the responsible person of personal information protection as follows in order to process the problems on the personal information and protect the personal information of the user.
1) Responsible person of Personal Information protection
① Responsible person of Personal Information management
② Person in charge of Personal Information management
2) In the event that there is a need for report or counseling on other personal information interference, please inquire to the following agency.
① E-commerce Dispute Reconciliation Commission ( / 1661-5714)
② Personal Information Infringement Report Center (개인정보침해신고센터) ( / Toll-free 118)
③ Cyber Investigation Division of Science Investigation Division of Supreme Prosecutors' Office (대검찰청 과학수사부 사이버 수사과) ( / Toll-free 130)
④ Cyber Bureau, National Police Agency (경찰청 사이버안전국) ( / Toll-free 182)
※ Article 10 (Obligation of Notice)
This policy of personal information processing may be modified from time to time due to the modification of internal policy of the Company or modification of pertinent laws and regulations and instruction, and in the event that there is any modification of the olicy of personal information processing, it shall be notified through the linked screen in the game or official community, customer center.
This policy shall be applied from Sep. 11, 2018.